1956-61 TORQUEFLITE A 466  "cast iron" pages


One of the best book about the Torqueflite is "the New Chrysler Torque-Flite transmission" which was released in 1956. Ther's a lot of explanations and schematics you'll not find in shop manuals.

This book is not for repairs or overhauling. It just describe how works the hydraulic system of the transmission and related parts . Sorry i don't have the "part one" !!

Note that the hydraulic system is correct for '56 ,'57 and early '58 transmissions (until 633518 case number). The 633519 trans. and following don't use governor comp. valve (& related parts) in lower valve body. The lower valve body is different on them and can't interchange with earlier trans.
There was also three different "front clutch piston assy" : the "early 8 lever" (seen on this book) until 50848 trans (56 & early 57) , the "4 lever" (late '57 and '58) between 50849 . A "new 8 lever" model is used on '59 trans. But ther's no change in hydraulic operation.

Ther's also difference in rear cluch retainer : some transmission have 4 discs and other (heavy duty) have 5 discs. As you expect, piston, retainers, etc.. are different.


I've scaned this book so you can upload the pics and print them. Each (jpg) pic "weights" around 200 ko so be patient .


Hydraulic units

Cover front pump rear pump / front clutch rear clutch / low & reverse servo Servo, ball check valves Reed & spool valves regulator valve converter & manual valves Reverse blocker valve, governor


governor comp. valve throttle valve shift valves operation of shift valves kickdown relay valves Lift foot upshift / shuttle valve Throttle valve

Hydraulic schematics

(N) Neutral Drive (D) breakaway (D) Upshift to 2nd and drive 2nd (D) Upshift to direct and Direct / Downshift


(D) Kickdown (2) 2nd breakaway / upshif to 2nd (1) Low operation (R) reverse

Kickdown adjustement   Réglage kickdown
safety switches (neutral, reverse etc..)    
"technical page" summary    page technique, sommaire
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