You'll find on these pages some technical tips not covered in the FSM. As i've a '57 Imperial note that these tricks are not 100% right for your car.

  • Speedometer removal (57-58 Imperial), click.

  • Speedometer tips (57-58 Imperial), click

  • Torqueflite tricks : safety switches, cable adjustement, reverse safety blocker (56-59 Mopar), click

  • Torqueflite "cast iron" technical manual (hydraulic system), click

  • Torqueflite "cast iron" kickdown tricks, click

  • Lenses (repro) in Australia: list & pics  , click

  • 57-59 (optional) hood ornament pics, click

  • Mirror-Matic technical tips, click

  • dash gauges , click

  • front brake ("Centerplane") backing plates interchangeclick

  • Rear brake drums removal , click

  • Instrument panel removal and 57-58 differences, click

  • Turnsignal system on 57-59 Imperial , click

  • rear springs # on '57 Imperial, click

  • automatic swivel seat (Chrysler bulletin, in french), click

to be continued ...

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